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TherOmega® Omega-3 Fish Oil

TherOmega® Omega-3 Fish Oil

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TherOmega is a pure, sustainable omega-3 fish oil supplement, offering a concentrated source of DHA and EPA for whole-body health, including immune, brain, joint, and eye health, plus healthy triglyceride levels and overall heart health.*

  • 300 mg DHA + 400 mg EPA per softgel.
  • Sustainable: Responsibly sourced from 100% wild-caught Alaska pollock.
  • Clean taste: Molecularly distilled, steam deodorized, and ultra-purified for exceptional freshness.
  • Double-certified: Certified by NSF International and the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program for exceptional purity and freedom from contaminants.

NSF certification, no dyes, gluten-free

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